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Custody and Unmarried Couples

My Ex-Partner and I Were Unmarried and We Have a Child. Can I Still File for Custody?

In Nevada if an unmarried couple has a child, the mother automatically has primary physical custody of the child. However, the father of the child has every right to file for custody rights if he was unmarried. In order to do this, he must verify his relationship with the child by:

  • Proving that he is the biological father of the child (via paternity test)
  • Proving that he lived with the mother for six months before conception and continued to live with her through her pregnancy
  • Proving that he provided a home for the child and acted as the child’s father

If a father fits one of those three requirements and wishes to gain custody, he can fill out a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity, which must also be signed by the mother.

My Ex-Partner and I Had a Domestic Partnership, and We Have Children. How Do We Determine Custody?

Custody arrangements must be made before a termination of domestic partnership will be finalized. If the parties cannot come to an agreement the court will make a decision, just as in cases of divorce.

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